How TV has divided our country

A view of the DNC on different TV channels

  • The Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez called for a moment of silence in memory of fallen officers. She spoke of the duty to protect and serve, regardless of whether a 911 call could be a health emergency or a crime in progress. [Huge applause]
  • The family survivors of police officers killed on duty told stories of the good works these officers, black and white, did for their community. [Crowd responding with thunderous ovations and tears]
  • Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Graholm spoke about the Flint water crisis, and appealed for us to help all our nation’s children.
  • Former life-long Republicans spoke in support of Clinton, saying that Trump forced them to leave the party.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar spoke about the value of Muslim Americans and introduced a video of fallen Captain Humayun S. M. Khan. He made a couple of jokes about Trump and Spence and showed a warmth rarely seen during his career. [Huge laughter and applause]
  • The father of Captain Khan delivered an impassioned speech about the dreams they pursued in coming to this country, the sacrifice of his son, and the threat of Donald Trump’s promises to ban Muslims entering the country. He holds up his Constitution, and says “have you even read it?” He then offers Trump the opportunity to borrow his. [Huge ovations and repeated chants of USA! USA!]
  • General John Allen (ret. USMC), former Commander, International Security Assistance Forces, and Commander of the United States Forces in Afghanistan, gives a powerful speech in favor of Clinton saying she is “exactly the type of commander-in-chief America needs.” His attack on Trump is merciless, saying that under Clinton, the armed forces won’t torture, kill family members or do other illegal actions. [According to news sources, there are a number of protestors shouting “No more war.” All I could hear was the crowd chanting “USA, USA, USA.”] He finishes by telling the world that we will not turn our backs on our allies and partners. It’s one of the highlights and you should watch it to see how many generals and admirals support Clinton:

My take on the DNC was a moving coming together of all people: the police, the military and civilians of all races, ages, and religions. A celebration of America that made me think I was watching a 4th of July parade. The contrast to Trump’s dystopian RNC couldn’t be more clear. Even though I was a Sanders supporter, I couldn’t help but be moved close to tears at times. Because AMERICA.

But if you watched the Convention on TV, there was a complete split in reality:

CSPAN: just a TV eye on the events unfolding

MSNBC: showed all the important speeches, but takes times for commercials and annoying discussions by their talking heads.

FOX NEWS aired interviews with various speakers, and completely ignored the speeches by the father of Captain Kahn and General John Allen. (As I was skipping around, I did not see if they aired the Republicans, or the police families)

If you want to understand why our country is divided, look no further than FOX NEWS for creating an alternate reality.

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