I agree that Simmons and Siakam are in a class by themselves. Also, I’m not looking at contract extensions because that would lift up those players still on cheap rookie deals.

If you are going to do a redraft, you have to look at not only who is the best player but how they would work for the team drafting. Boston would never take Jamal Murray at #3 — he can’t play defense and they already had three good guards.

  1. Simmons (Phila)
  2. Siakam (Lakers)
  3. Ingram (Boston)
  4. Sabonis (Phoenix)
  5. Brogdon (Minnesota)
  6. VanVleet (New Orleans)
  7. Jamal Murray (Denver)
  8. Dejounte Muray (Phoenix from Sacramento)

If we ignore draft position and just look at the best overall players, my top five would be the guys who can play on both ends of the court:

  1. Simmons
  2. Siakam
  3. Ingram
  4. Brogdon
  5. VanVleet
  6. D. Murray
  7. J. Murray
  8. Brown

I’d take Dejounte Murray next because of his defensive skills and his finishing ability.

I’m not a Jamal Murray fan, obviously. He’s a crap shoot in a high stakes game, and almost cost Denver a first round playoff exit with his inconsistent play.

Jaylen Brown is a walking turnover waiting to happen, and aside from that freak shooting year, his offense isn’t good enough to be considered a top player.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at https://guttmanshapiro.com. Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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