I don’t say nice things. I make accurate observations. Green is an excellent passer, a former DPOY, and an All-Star. But he hasn’t shot the ball well in three years, and the Warriors have always been weak on the boards.

Green’s a top 20–25 player (just slightly more valuable than Gordon Hayward), but neither one is ever going to be the best player on a championship team — they’re probably #3 options — nor do they deserve max contracts.

I would also take Randle over Green in a heartbeat. He signed with New Orleans for $9M, so he would have been ecstatic to sign a 4-year $50M deal with the Lakers, which they could have done.

Even if the Lakers had signed Randle to a $15M deal, instead of signing KCP and Lance, they would be the #2 seed in the West right now (Toronto is the only team they’ve played that really looked like the better team).

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