Jordan never won against the great Lakers, Celtics and Pistons teams. His prime was over before the Kobe-Shaq Lakers and Robinson-Duncan Spurs would dominate the league.

Jordan never faced a better team. The only time it was doubtful, the Bulls swept the injury-riddled Pistons, then won game 3 in the Finals as James Worthy and Byron Scott both left the game with injuries.

Jordan never won anything before Scottie Pippin and a third All-Star/HOF level player in Horace Grant and Dennis Rodman joined the team. And he never won without Tex Winter and Phil Jackson.

Golden State has had four All-Star players on their roster since their first championship, and three HOF players with the addition of Kevin Durant. The idea that LeBron is somehow less because he could only beat them once in four years is ridiculous.

I’m not saying LeBron is the better overall player, comparing Jordan’s Chicago prime to LeBron first 12 seasons, because Jordan was an elite defensive player for more years than LeBron. I’m just not factoring in outside factors that have nothing to do with the player.

If the Packers defense generates the same pressure against Brady they did against the Rams, they can win this game. Whoever gets the last possession may end up winning the game.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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