I like the idea of the interrobang, but I see the combination of excitement and questioning like the way a Valley Girl talks:

So… I was, like, going to the mall‽ You know, with my friend Krista‽ And, we were like, duuuuude, did you see those awesome kicks. [notice how the question always sounds like a statement.] So, you know, like, I called my dad‽ And I was, like, “daddy I love you so much‽ I’m, like, stuck at the mall, with, like, nothing to eat, because I gave my lunch to that poor girl in class‽ Could you, like, venmo me $50, please, daddy.” And he was, like, that’s really altruistical or something, honey‽ So, he sent me the money, so I can buy those shoes‽ Isn’t that, like, radical.

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