I’m glad I was able to return the laugh. There was a wonderful Emily Litella-like quality to your post. And if you don’t know what I mean without Google, you’re way younger than me;)

As a kid, my first experience as a Lakers fan was watching Don Nelson’s off-balance prayer hit the heel of the rim, bounce straight up in the air and come down through the basket to win game 7 of the ’69 NBA Finals against the hated Celtics.

I have been one of the faithful ever since, but that doesn’t mean I’m a blind homer. My Lakers right or wrong, if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right.

I loved Shaq until he pulled that stunt about waiting to get his foot surgically repaired so he could do it “on company time.” After that, Shaq deserved the boot (pun intended).

When Kobe choked badly against the Celtics in the 2010 finals, I didn’t hold it against him. Besides, we had the greatest press conference in the history of sports with Metta World Peace:

No matter how bad the Lakers are, we’ll always have MWP, the true MVP of game 7. If you only see one sports interview in your life, this is the one to see.

But that 2012 playoff series with the Thunder was the end of my allegiance to Kobe. Hence, the impassioned response.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at https://guttmanshapiro.com. Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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