I’m really disappointed that a young progressive writer would fashion this kind of hit piece against Sanders.

National polls show that Bernie Sanders and a significant majority of Americans agree on the following: income equality is a major problem; Social Security and Medicare benefits should not be reduced; the Citizens United decision hurts democratic elections; student debt is a major problem; and, global warming is a major problem caused by human activity.

Donald Trump only cares about cutting taxes, and building a wall. He also tap dances around his support by the KKK.

Sanders and Clinton voted identically in 93% of their votes in the Senate, yet you’re not comparing Clinton to Trump.

Looking at your policy issues:

Healthcare: Trump want to repeal Obamacare. Clinton wants to keep it. Sanders wants to keep it, but wants to go further, toward a medicare for all system.

Free Trade: Trump and Sanders agree on a lot of issues. Sanders wants to close all the loopholes that allow US companies to outsource jobs and evade paying taxes. Clinton says a lot of the same things.

Special Interests: Trump IS a special interest, one of the most egomaniacal people ever born. He is funding a large part of his campaign, but 8% is still came from large donors. Even though Trump uses similar language to Sanders, he is much closer to Clinton in his ties with powerful establishment types.

Foreign Policy: Trump claims to be the strongest military leader, while Sanders wants to scale back activities. Clinton is much closer in her hawkish agenda to Trump. The biggest difference is that Sanders had the good sense to vote against the Iraq War, while Clinton failed to do so. Your spin on these policy issues is especially weak.

Immigration: Trying to lump Sander into the same camp as Trump as really insulting and beneath you. Sanders and Clinton are almost identical on their take on immigration. There’s a reason why Sanders got endorsed by a major Latino group. By most accounts, they are splitting the Hispanic vote primarily across age lines. Your parsing of the 2007 immigration bill vote is just a repeat of Clinton’s charges, but they don’t hold up (in the same way Clinton’s misrepresentation of Sanders’ position on the auto bailout lost her the confidence of a lot of Michigan voters).

Guns: Clinton gets an F from the NRA. Sanders gets a D- for his voting record. You are simply repeating the Clinton campaign talking points where his nuanced position on suing the gun manufacturers is not 100% aligned with Clinton. Trump is a violence magnet scum bag. They couldn’t be more different.

Here’s the one thing where we agree that they are similar: Trump and Sanders are white men. The problem is you can’t really give any reason why Clinton, a white woman is aligned with the black vote, other than the fact that Bill Clinton was a really good campaigner who won black support.

Sanders was willing to go to jail when demonstrating against segregation. Clinton has done her own share of work on behalf of minorities. Again, there are more similarities between them than there are differences.

There’s nothing wrong with supporting Clinton. I would just prefer that people find some positive truths about what they like, instead of a bunch of manufactured bullish*t, comparing Trump to Sanders.

The way she and Bill campaign is no different than what they were doing in against Obama. And I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that you weren’t particularly enamored with some of their questionable rhetoric and ads trotted out in 2008.

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