I read your recap after I responded, so I did see you wrote about all the same things. I’m sure every book reader and serious show fan has to notice the same things.

The thing I loved about the road trip aspect of the episode was how everyone changed positions so different people could interact with each other. The Hound and Tormund was so hilarious, with their discovered connection with Brienne.

I had predicted that the oldest person would die and it had to be either Thoros or Jorah. However, my scenario was that they would be chased back to the Wall carrying a captured wight and a mortally wounded Thoros. When they entered the tunnel, the wight would disintegrate and they would be bummed out that the mission failed. Then Thoros would die and turn into the wight they brought back.

The only thing that didn’t bother me was the Targaryen ship. Jon, Davos, Jorah, and Gendry did have to sail to Eastwatch in the first place.

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