I see your point about his shooting percentage (33% from 3 last year), but he he was at or near his career highs in points, assists, FT% and steals and had his second best season ever in rebounds. I think you could explain his shooting as a function of how bad Charlotte is offensively — he probably wasn’t getting the open shots he got when he played with Lillard.

Teams would have to double Davis, leaving Batum with a lot of open corner threes. I would have taken him in a Brooklyn second (or more then the time it takes an opponent to blow by D’Angelo Russell).

With Batum, I think the Lakers would have a shot at the Warriors:

Davis >> Horford

Butler > Batum (but not as much as you’d think, because Butler is not a good 3pt shooter)

Thomas > Bradley (by a hair — remember Bradley was playing against him for two years on a daily basis, so he knows Thomas’ game intimately)

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