First off, a publication is still a personal expression. And after the bullish*t that happened with that feminist publication that printed the anti-woman Kel Campbell ripoff, why shouldn’t you maintain strict editorial control?

Secondly, even if you wanted to live in an echo chamber and publish only feminist voices, that’s your right, too. After all, the publication is titled “FU.” The only way it could be more clear about your attitude toward jerks who don’t get it would be to change the title to “F*ck Off You Wankers.” Which is sounding awfully catchy. I may have to trademark that one.

Third, I was just about to make an incredibly filthy response to your line about gratuitous swearing and then I got to the quote above. Thanks for the laugh!

(Warning: there is a dark cloud front advancing over the Grammar Games, and the skywriting is on the wall — with apologies to Robert Frost)

The clouds are angry, dark and deep,

For you have promises to keep,

And words to write before you sleep,

And words to write before you sleep.

Written by

Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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