I wrote an article specifically about sports and reactions to various infractions. I didn’t tell her that racism doesn’t exist, even in sports. I didn’t tell her not to be angry about racism. What I suggested was that Sharapova’s punishment and her reaction were not a simple case of black and white.

Ezinne’s points are relevant to the experience of average people, but athletes are treated differently. I questioned her attempt to transfer her perfectly understandable anger about institutional racism to an exclusive world of fame, wealth, and special treatment.

You show a complete lack of interest in the world of sports, but felt it necessary to stick your nose in a conversation that took place six months ago. You also have no knowledge or interest in learning about anything outside of your own narrow perspective, considering I agree with probably 98% of what Ezinne writes. (BTW, Ezinne recommended my response. Why would she do this if I was being “dismissive, disrespectful, and inaccurate” to her?)

Why do we waste time arguing over progressive ideological purity while Jeff Sessions, with his long history of anti-civil rights stances, is Trump’s pick to head the Department of Justice?

Don’t worry, this response was rhetorical. Happy Holidays!

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