If you’re serious, start with Gallwey’s book. There are a few coaches from different sports who conduct Inner Game clinics. Pete Carroll, coach of the Seattle Seahawks learned about the Inner Game during his time at U.S.C. whenGallwey’s personal apostle, Sean Brawley was hired to train the football team. I’ve used Inner Game principles for over 20 years as a tennis coach, and the basic concepts can be applied to every sport.

From what I have seen in golf, teaching techniques are about 75 years behind the times. The only exception is David Wright, who is using some advanced peak performance tools.

The last thing I would ever do if I wanted to play better golf would be to watch instructional videos or read golf books. Everything they do sounds like the description of your golf swing in your post — totally in your head, giving yourself useless instructions your body can’t possibly interpret or follow: “Keep your eyes on the ball, head down, swing through, rotate hips, pivot at the hips, turn your wrists over, focus…and don’t swing too hard.” Think about what it means not to swing too hard. You can’t possibly explain it or define. Even if you had the science to measure the ideal swing speed, you couldn’t possibly tell your body to swing at that speed. The only way to learn is through body awareness. One of the only good ways to learn body awareness is through an Inner Game coach.

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