If you're a Cowboys fan, you may look back on Prescott's refusal to take that insane $175 million contract as a stroke of luck.

Dallas paying Prescott a ton of money is probably what will happen, but the real question is if Prescott is a franchise-level quarterback.

I've never seen him as a top 10 quarterback, regardless of his metrics. He was aided by a great offensive line, a top running back, and a great receiving corps.

Could Prescott do what Brady did when they had no running game and just a great tight end and slot receiver?

Could Prescott do what Wilson has done behind a terrible offensive line, no running game and average wide receivers?

The same thing applies to Mahommes, Rodgers, Brees, Watson, Rothlisberger, and Jackson.

When you throw in his contract price, I think Kyler Murray or Josh Allen would be better players to help build a championship team because of their contracts.

If Jerry Jones bails on him, it would be bad luck for Prescott to suffer such a terrible injury, but the guy has already made over $34 million in his short career.

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