I’m a basketball fan, first, and a Lakers fan, second. For the last three years, we have watched Curry put his stamp on and revolutionize the game in a way only accomplished by Wilt, Magic, MJ, and Lebron have.

The Warriors had an historic run this season and I wanted to see their greatness rewarded by the opportunity to finish as champions. Injuries, and the suspension almost didn’t matter except for Lebron’s other worldly performance in the last three games. GS is a much better team that played well below their best, while Lebron played better than he’s ever played (based on his 26% career 3-point shooting ability) in two elimination games. It’s not like you could play Lebron 55 minutes per game — the team was completely maxed out.

So you have to recognize Lebron’s greatness. The trash talk has nothing to do with the beauty of the game. Almost every player does it. Kay’s comment dissing the Showtime Lakers was equally stupid, but it’s just talk, and is meaningless in the greater scheme of things.

So, if he’s going to defend the earth in Space Jam 2, why can’t he do it wearing the red white and blue, while wielding a vibration shield?

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