I’m ecstatic. I’ve been writing letters with suggestions on how to improve the team and they finally followed my advice.

Poor Nick. If anyone was going to get thrown under the bus, it was going to be him. But it was inevitable, as his Swaggy P alter ego had completely taken over his body.

People have forgotten that on April 29, 2012, he was a solid role player and one of the key contributors in the greatest comeback victory in Clippers’ history. In game one of their playoff series against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Clippers overcame a 21-point fourth quarter deficit. With 2:47 left in the game, and the Clips down by 12, Young hit three consecutive 3-pointers in the span of one minute, cutting the lead to three. CP3 and Griffin finished the game with free throws, immortalizing Vinnie deal Negro as the greatest coach in the franchise’s history.

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