I’m glad you enjoyed that movie clip. I guess you are vying for the most interesting man in the world status, with your inexplicable split loyalties between New York and Boston teams.

I was a Rams fan as a kid, all the way up until Georgia Frontiere took over the team and refused to give Erik Dickerson a new contract. Instead of becoming a perennial Superbowl contender, they slid into mediocrity and I lost interest in football. I was lucky enough to glance a Rams game in September of 1999 and got on board that season to watch the Greatest Show on Turn revolutionize the sport of football and savor their only Superbowl victory.

Now, I’m more of a casual fan who enjoys watching the best athletes make the best plays, (as long as they don’t cheat). So I just laugh off whatever happens with the Rams. I watch waiting for the key moment where they will invariably collapse, which is exactly what it feels like to be a Clippers fan:

I was never a Clippers fan, but I was happy for them when they made that miracle comeback against Memphis in 2012:

Just think, the greatest moment in Clippers history was accomplished by Nick Young, Eric Bledsoe and Reggie Bullock. Doc Rivers arrived and got rid of them almost immediately.

Now, the Clippers have turned into the West Coast Celtics with Pierce, Big Baby, and Jeff Green staining the hardwood floors at Staples over the last four years, so I’ve begun to enjoy the schadenfreude as Doc Rivers has ruined one of the best big threes in the league with his bad coaching and even worse skills as a GM.

I really respect and admire Brad Stevens and Isaiah Thomas, so much so that I almost get lulled into not hating the Celtics. But there’s always Bill Simmons trash talk, and Olynyk’s cheap shots (this time against Kelly Oubre that suckered his opponent into getting suspended) and I get pulled back in.

With regard to baseball, I’m not much of a fan. I’ll watch the World Series if there is a compelling storyline, like the Cubs last year.

I stopped being a Dodgers fan when they refused to give Mike Piazza a new contract in 1998, then turned around and paid 25% more for some surly pitcher that lasted exactly one year. Piazza, of course, led the Mets to the World Series within a couple of years.

The only team I will never abandon completely is the Lakers. They were inscribed in my DNA as a kid (as well as my hatred for the Celtics) on that dark day in 1969, when Don Nelson threw up an off balance jump shot that hit the heel of the rim, bounced straight up a few feet and came down through the basket, clinching game 7 of the NBA Finals. There is a universal injustice in just about everything the Celtics have done to the Lakers over the years: Nelson’s lucky bounce in 1969; McHale clotheslining Rambis in 1984; Paul Pierce’s ridiculous impersonation of Willis Reed in 2008.

But the Lakers have had the better of it since that fateful day in 1969: 19 Finals appearances and 11 Championships, compared to 9 Finals appearances and 6 Championships for the Celtics.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at https://guttmanshapiro.com. Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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