I’m sorry, but I’ve only got one word in response.


Cleveland figured out that as Lebron, a 34% career 3-point shooter, would go 7 for 14 in games 5 and 6, while 38% shooter Kyrie Irving would go 7 for 12, and jack up the game-winner in Game 7?

Cleveland figured out that Lebron stepping over Green might elicit a retaliation that would result in a game 5 suspension?

Cleveland figured out that JR Smith would hyperextend Bogut’s knee and knock him out of the playoffs?

Cleveland figured that Igoudala and Barnes would shoot 5 for 25 on open 3’s the last three games of the series?

Cleveland figured that Curry would play horribly because he was guarded by the same guy (Thompson) he torched the year before?

While we have to credit Lebron and Irving for playing out of their minds and coming back, how many people (outside of Cleveland and Northern California) really believe that the better team won?

If we continuously repeated the 2016 Finals as a three game series with the Warriors up 3–1, instead of playing the regular season for the next few years, would anyone bet on the Cavs winning more than 3% of the time?

Over the last two seasons we have had a sample size of 209 games where Golden State completely reinvented basketball. They had not lost three games in a row since November 2013.

It’s just short-sighted trend-following to claim that a freakish set of circumstances in the last three games of the Finals constitutes “figuring out” how to play them.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at https://guttmanshapiro.com. Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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