I’m sorry but less than 30% of the total electorate voted for Trump. So your argument about the electoral college doesn’t hold true. It did the exact opposite of insulating us from the tyranny of a virulent and extreme minority. And don’t forget how voter suppression laws disenfranchised hundreds of thousands of voters in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina. Trump won because of less than 100,000 votes that swung his way in razor thin margins in the key swing states. The larger and more diverse the sample size, the less the election can be manipulated.

As for your comment on the tyranny of the DNC, it doesn’t compare to the criminal negligence of the media which gave Trump a mostly free pass and billions in free publicity, the Russian government which hacked into our information systems to influence the election, and the politicization of the FBI, which completely mishandled the Clinton email scandal, keeping it alive (with the help of the right wing blogosphere and Congress) for almost two years.

Given the horrific gerrymandering of states by Republican state legislature, we have a situation where they control the House of Representative in spite of receiving less total votes than the Democrats. Look at the complete disregard for the will of the people in these states, based on the 2012 election:

  • Florida: Obama got 50%, Nelson won the Senate with 55%, and yet the congressional representation was 17–12 (58%) Republican.
  • Michigan: Obama won 54%, Stabenow won the Senate with 59%, and the congressional representation was 9–5 (64%) Republican.
  • North Carolina: Romney won 51%, McCrory won the Senate with 55%, but congressional representation was 9–4 (69%) Republican.
  • Ohio: Obama won 50%, Brown won the Senate with 50%, and the congressional representation was 12–4 (75%) Republican.
  • Pennsylvania: Obama won 52%, Casey won the Senate with 54%, and the congressional representation was 13–5 (72%) Republican.
  • Virginia: Obama won 51%, Kaine won the Senate with 53%, but congressional representation was 8–3 (72.7%) Republican.
  • Wisconsin: Obama won 53%, Baldwin won the Senate with 51%, but congressional representation was 5–3 (62.5%) Republican.

This is why our country is controlled and obstructed by a small group of right wing extremists in the House — they don’t need to represent the will of the people if their seats are guaranteed by gerrymandering.

I don’t understand how controlling the government with a minority of votes is a better system than one where at least the majority gets to see their voices represented.

If you look at our recent history, you will see that Republicans have been repeating the lie that they have a mandate to rule, regardless of whether it is backed by reality. When Gore beat Bush by 500,000 votes, they pushed through every law they wanted for Bush’s first six years. They had no desire to compromise.

When Obama won easily in 2008 and the Democrats controlled Congress, the Republicans claimed he was really the president because he was a Muslim from Kenya, and blocked everything he wanted to do, regardless of how much he tried to get bipartisan approval of the ACA.

When Obama won in 2012, the Republicans claimed he didn’t have a mandate because they held on to a badly gerrymandered Congress (when, in fact, the Dems received over a million more votes in Congressional races than the GOP).

Now, they have Trump, with his less than 30% support by all voters and they already claim that the country has rejected Obama’s extreme leftist agenda, ignoring the fact that Clinton won more total votes than Trump.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at https://guttmanshapiro.com. Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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