I’m surprised you ranked Danny Green so high. Even though he’s essential to the Lakers, he’s much more of a hot and cold player than people realize.

Green is a much better player than Russell, or are you ranking Green as top banana because of Curry’s injury?

Horford is definitely a third banana; Simmons can win games when Embiid doesn’t play.

Bledsoe is way down on the third banana list — I don’t trust him at all in the playoffs.

Mitchell is better than Conley, who can’t defend anymore.

Williams and Harrell are better than Smart and Brown, regardless of whether you want to call them third or fourth bananas.

A crunch time line up of Leonard, George, Beverly, Williams and Harrell still looks like the best team in the league, even though I hope the Lakers will win a title. The Lakers would need one more great defender against them in a playoff series:

Kawhi = LeBron

Davis > George

Williams > Caruso

Harrell > Kuzma

Beverly < Green

Sign Iguodala and have him guard Kawhi, and the entire balance shifts, as LeBron and Davis create huge advantages over George and Harrell.

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