In the Bible, as pointed out by this article on Jewish law, sex was something to be enjoyed by husband and wife (out of mutual love and desire) and done all the time:

In Jewish law, sex is not considered inherently shameful, sinful, or obscene. Sex is not seen as a necessary evil for the sole purpose of procreation. Although sexual desire comes from the yetzer hara (the so-called “evil impulse”), it is no more evil than hunger or thirst, which also come from the yetzer hara. Like hunger, thirst, or other basic needs, sexual desire must be controlled, channeled, and satisfied in the proper time, place, and manner. But when sexual desire is satisfied between a husband and wife at the proper time and out of mutual love and desire, sexual relations are actually a mitzvah (a Biblical commandment, see Exodus 21,10 referring to “conjugal rights” and the commentary on it).

Jesus came, and people embraced his teachings of love, compassion, and mercy. He doesn’t say a word about sex AND he forgives prostitutes. Judge the lest thee be judged — telling man to follow his good example instead of judging others.

354 years later, Augustine (I refuse to call him a saint) was born. He was a man with mistresses and an illegitimate child. Somehow, this hypocritical, deeply disturbed man decided that sex is a sin, can only be done between man and wife to procreate, and would subjugate the rights of women to choose what they wish to do with their bodies.

Think about that, and be honest with yourself. Your views on sex and abortion are shaped by some perverted asshole who decided that since he was guilty of being a coward (not providing for his wife-to-be and their baby), everyone else in the world must also be guilty of terrible sin.

His views reinforce a male dominated world view:

He believed that the serpent approached Eve because she was less rational and lacked self-control, while Adam’s choice to eat was viewed as an act of kindness so that Eve would not be left alone.[146] Augustine believed sin entered the world because man (the spirit) did not exercise control over woman (the flesh).[147]

Woman is flesh, irrational and lacking in self control. Man is spirit and kind (except when he kills every man in the neighboring village and then enslaves and rapes the women).

From the idea that women lack self-control (pure projection, since Augustine was tortured by his own inability to give himself to God and let go of his own lust), it wasn’t much of a stretch for Aquinas (another asshole who should be remembered as the father of mass murder and nothing else) to define female sexuality as a tool of the devil, which leads to the persecution of women as witches in the mid-1400s and continued on until the 17th century. One archaeologist estimates the number of murders at up to 600,000. Hurray, Christianity!

We no longer stone people to death for infidelity. We don’t keep slaves. We don’t murder people because God told us to (unless you’re a psychotic or a religious zealot). Why would anyone hold on to these hypocritical and perverted views on sexuality and a woman’s right to choose what she wants to do with her body?

If you want honesty, start with yourself. Get some therapy to deal with your guilt. Then do something positive if you still want to hold on to your primitive human-based (NOT the word of God, just some pathetic fool who lived 1700 years ago) belief system. Go adopt children. Build an orphanage.

Do something good, anything besides dumping your sanctimonious and hypocritical bullsh*t on honest, vulnerable people.


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