Is it 2020 Already, Or Are the Russians Coming For Christmas?

Once again, intelligent political discussion is extinguished by social media popularity and readers having the attention span of amoebas.

Lon Shapiro


Rise up against Agent Orange, instead of infighting. Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

First, allow me to apologize, as I am probably giving amoebas a bad rap —I don’t know of a single one-celled creatures that engages in hyperbole and hate mongering.

I just read a hate piece on Hillary Clinton, based on her interview with that political savant Howard Stern.

The writer, a self-described “writer and leftist with analysis on topics related to politics and policy,” made some of the most incendiary statements about a Democrat this side of Putin’s boy toy in the White House and guess what happened?

She got thousands of claps from over 500 readers, with 83 of them writing fiery comments on both sides of the issue, with half of them attacking Hillary Clinton and the other half attacking Bernie Sanders.

I’m not going to link to this monument to absolutist thinking and complete disregard of American history. It deserves the same respect I would reserve for any right-wing conspiracy nut job like Alex Jones.

But I will make some comments, if only to get people to learn something about politics and history and stop the circular firing squad mentality that has ruined the progressive movement.

Quote #1: “Hillary Clinton is without a doubt the most destructive democrat in modern American history.”

First of all, congratulations on writing without a doubt the most destructive article to Democratic hopes in 2020.

I know a little something about history and this comment is without a doubt the most uninformed and simplistic article this side of a Russian troll.

Was Hillary flawed? Of course. She ran a bad campaign and carried around the baggage of 20+ years as a target of GOP smear tactics.

It’s sad that so many hundreds of people read and applaud an article that has so…



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