It’s great that you are a voracious reader. Based on your list and the interests they seem to imply here a few books that will expand your horizons:

  1. “The Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell — introduces new perspectives on the nature of excellence
  2. “You Just Don’t Understand” by Dr. Deborah Tannen — sheds light on differences in the world views and communication styles of men and women, and the friction this causes in relationships
  3. “The Road Less Traveled” by M. Scot Peck, MD — best definition of love (and its variations) I’ve ever found and a good intro into finding purpose and meaning
  4. “The Inner Game” by Tim Gallwey or “Zen and the Art of Archery” by Eugen Herrigel — features more direct practice in the art of being completely present, non-judgmental and objective
  5. “The Smartest Guys in the Room” by McLean and Elkind — reveals the how unfettered free markets do not act like a perfect market as defined by your economics text books.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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