It was a totally reasonable statement. That’s why I had to think about it. His terrible decision at the battle of the Bastards and his suicide plan to capture a wight were so bad, they color our perception of him.

But aside from not having Ghost at his side at all times, what else is there?

Asa far as leadership, Jon is truly inspirational because he is so willing to sacrifice his own life, do what’s right, and always hold true to his oath. That’s how he was able to get a group of brothers to go clean up the mutineers at Craster’s Keep, inspire Grenn and his group to sacrifice their lives to hold the inner gate during the battle of the Wall, get elected Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, get the Wildlings to fight for him against Ramsey, and get proclaimed King of the North.

Contrast that to Ned, who was a total idiot when it came to anything except being a father (he did let Arya keep her sword and hire Syrio Forel to teach her).

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