It’s amazing how stories can move us so deeply they draw out our own pain, issues and personal truths. I’m still processing the end of the show.

In episode 5, when the bells started ringing, and all the fighting stopped, instead of flying directly to the Red Keep to vaporize Cersei, we got 20 minutes of Drogon setting the city aflame — a senseless and defenseless decision made by the power mad without the slightest care for other people. But enough about Benioff & Weiss, let’s talk about Daenerys.

My three favorite characters in Game of Thrones were Arya, Tyrion and Daenerys. I would say everyone loved Daenerys and thought of her as an amazing hero. And all of us were fooled because we want to see the good guys win, while the bad guys got reduced to ashes. Our need for black and white solutions is like revenge porn. At same point, somebody crosses the line into obscenity (like burning thousands of innocents in King’s Landing), and we get upset that the hero has been abruptly turned into a bad guy.

Here’s an insightful article that uses Daenerys as a symbol for violence and the corrupting nature of power.

Next, a PhD in psychology explored Daenerys’ character through the prism of trauma and how people don’t act rationally.

I followed Daenerys’ charcter arc to see how well her actions (as well as those of the other main characters) had been foreshadowed since the first season.

And a large number of feminist critics (besides you) are unhappy with the way the male showrunners have “betrayed” the show’s female characters.

There are truths to be found in every perspective. And those truths are not mutually exclusive. We are all playing the role of the six blind men and the feminist elephant.

I thought the show left us with the greatest female hero in the history of modern fantasy.

I would love to hear your take on the final episode.

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