It’s crazy how cyclical Medium is. You got a massive response this January to the same question I asked myself last January. I had written what I thought was a really New Year’s resolution and submitted it to the Coffeelicious publication. I didn’t get a response until maybe three weeks after I submitted it and then emailed the editor again, just to know why they rejected it. Instead, he said it was a great piece and published it immediately. I was really happy to have been accepted, and then it got virtually zero response.

Meanwhile, I started reading more and more vacuous life hacking articles including one that preached ignorance as a secret of success, so I became really cynical about the whole process.

Fortunately, I started finding articles like Henry Wismayer’s wicked click bait experiment, and then started to read all his work and all the comments. That’s how I found a new group of virtual friends.

I hope you and all your readers can find your way through this massive multi-player online game known as Medium. Ironically, I’ve spent a huge amount of time writing to help other writers:

And a series of user guides to help people who don’t want to waste time reading the Medium manual:

I hope these help.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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