It’s funny, because I hesitated over using the term “unaltered” for the reason that it introduced that idea into your mind.

When I use Photoshop to make serious-sounding false news reports, I always do it on April 1st. But you would know that if you knew me well.

I wrote this back in 2016.

Aside from the fact that we now have artificial intelligence writing Medium posts (“I made a bot write about surviving the holidays,” as reported by Roz), there is a disclaimer that it is an April Fool’s joke.

When I use Photoshop to make patently ridiculous fake news reports, I don’t write as if I’m confused or worried. My patently ridiculous fake news reports are written with complete confidence, as if they are newspaper articles.

Here’s an example.

My feed is still acting crazy. Just now I saw featured articles by Helen Cassidy Page, Susan Brearley, and a total newbie named Lauren.

Those aren’t veiled attempts at self-promotion, or attempts to promote my best friends (like Roz Warren, who magically appeared in featured articles just as I was going to sleep).

Image for post
Image for post

This doesn’t make sense. Why would I choose a random article from May 16th?

It is now 10:01 a.m., PST.

If anyone is out there and you see featured articles that are not coming from Medium-owned publications, please come forth.

This is beginning to feel like some m̶a̶j̶o̶r̶ Medium gaslighting.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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