It’s funny how you didn’t answer one single question I raised.

It’s even funnier how your “point” actually agrees with me. Maybe you were too busy to read everything in detail. But TT made the following statement about his personal attack on Tejana Jordan, and his ignorance of the basic definition of racism:

“Despite the fact that I’ve described the issue in detail and generated widespread agreement on it here and here…”

TT seemed to be writing about the popularity of his argument in this sentence. So I pointed out that the widespread agreement of 40 white people about something experienced by a black woman is a ridiculously small and biased sample size, and furthermore that it is popular considering 25 times more people supported her article.

If the people who supported Tejana Jordan are nothing more than flies, are the 40 ignorant or racist white supporter of TT the shit? Boy, this is really confusing.

The fact that you chose to describe your views on “Black racists” after I wrote 2000 words analyzing and debunking every point TT made seems to indicate the same ignorance of the issue that he displayed. Why don’t you write about how you have been personally hurt by black racism? At least that would be a little personal truth added to the discussion.

You claim weren’t writing in anger, but I think most psychologists would disagree, as you chose to compare people who against racism with Jew burning Nazis. It only took you one comment to prove Godwin’s Law. Is that a record?

TT and I kept the discussion respectful. If you can do the same and you have something worthwhile to contribute to the discussion, I’m happy to oblige.


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