It’s funny you mention this, because my wife and I had a similar experience. I saw the first episode and was conflicted because of the apparent death of a child. That was the line I didn’t think I could cross.

I had to do some design work to do, so I restarted the episode and asked my wife if she would watch it to give me her feedback. Then I got totally focused on work and wasn’t aware of the passage of time.

When I finally finished, I walked back to the bedroom and asked her what she thought and she said she hated it.

But the show was still on and there was a scene I didn’t recognize from the first episode.

“What are you watching now?”

“Episode 3.”

What can I say? It’s Dungeons and Dragons: the Soap Opera. It’s a guilty pleasure, best consumed on a binge weekend with lots of junk food and other “chemicals” (for those who partake).

BTW, the absolute best characters are Arya Stark and Tyrion Lannister. Arya’s character takes over in episode 3, and the depth of Tyrion‘s character starts to emerge in episode 4. IMO, they are the whole reason to watch the show. And of course, everyone likes dragons.

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