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It’s My Dime

Part 3 of the Lakers-Bon Jovi trilogy

Summer League just started for the Lakers, and the drama, histrionics and hot takes after the first game were unbelievable, with haters destroying Lonzo Ball for a horrible shooting night. Unlike them, I actually watched the game and was amazed by his basketball IQ.

Last night, Lonzo made some adjustments and posted his first triple-double.

He also had 2 steals, 1 block and a number of other defensive help plays. And for one day, he shut up all the haters. But every move this kid makes is under perhaps the hottest media microscope since LeBron James, because he’s on one of the most hated teams in the NBA, and because of his father.

I know it only represented a small portion of the overall game, but when he got out in transition, he made the Lakers look like the Warriors. His passing inspired other players to begin making the extra pass that resulted in layups and dunks. When he wasn’t leading the offense in transition, the Lakers looked like an average team. And when he was on the bench, they looked like the Nets.

Ball advanced the ball up the floor so fast, he created quasi-fast break opportunities even after the other team scored and he had to wait for the inbound pass.

Now, I’m not annointing him as the next Jason Kidd by any means. He still needs a lot of work in the half court offense, and how to play off the ball. He will also have to become a much better on-ball defender when matched up against quick point guards. But there is something there, something that merits the use of the word “transcendent” being thrown around by GM Rob Pelinka.

This kid makes the players around him better.

And that is a rare quality that you won’t find in many NBA All-Stars, let alone 19-year-old rookies.

Lonzo is driving 38.1 miles from Chino Hills to Staples Center, but is it far enough to get away from Lavar and become his own man? The huge downside to Ball is having to watch his father get screen time at every game. Make sure you’re quick with the mute button, and the games will be a whole lot more enjoyable to watch.

In honor of the Lakers’ new hope, we proudly present another Bon Jovi remix.

I hope all my fan (not a typo) will appreciate this. You know who you are, Gutbloom. Sung to the tune of Bon Jovi’s “It’s My Life”:

This ain’t a song ‘bout a broken jump shot
No silent prayer for that last play-off spot
I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd
No need to hear my voice
When Dad shouts it so loud

It’s my dime
Be quick, don’t hurry
Wooden said that champs don’t worry
I just want to play like it’s Show Time
(It’s my dime)
The Staples court is there in plain sight
Luke Walton said
“you got the green light”
I just want to play like it’s Show Time
It’s my dime

This is for the fans who stood their ground
For Magic and Jeanie who never backed down
Next season’s getting harder, make no mistake
The draft ain’t enough
You’ve got to make your fast breaks

It’s my dime
no need to worry
if I ever shoot like Curry
I just want to play like it’s Show Time
(It’s my dime)
Cuz Larry Nance can dunk so pretty
Like Jeanie said
Forget Lob City
I just want to play like it’s Show Time
It’s my dime

You better stand tall when the Celts are in town
Don’t bend, don’t break, baby, don’t back down

It’s my dime

I love to feed ‘em
Just share the rock, that’s how you lead ‘em
I just want to play like it’s Show Time
(It’s my dime)
I’ll pay my dues and show good manners
Someday we’ll raise
Another banner!
I just want to play like it’s Show Time
(It’s my dime)

And I got reasons
This has gotta be the season
I just want to play like it’s Show Time
(It’s my dime)
Magic says just fight for your dream
Next season we get
Then we gonna play like it’s Show Time
(It’s my dime)

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*Original lyric had to be changed when Westbrook signed a long term contract with OKC:

Magic says just fight and hustle
Next season we get
Paul and Russell!*

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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