It’s the Thought that Counts — Gift Shopping for that Uncle Who Ruins Thanksgiving

When it comes to dealing with Fox News zombies, just say “NOPE”

Lon Shapiro


Author illustration — Just say “NOPE” to all the lies with this t-shirt!

I’ve always been an arts and crafts kind of person except I can’t draw, sew or knit.

But I do have ideas, going all the way back to 7th grade, when I designed the packaging for a toilet bowl cleaner called “Heavenly Scent.” And yes, that predates Heavenly Scents, Inc. by about 30 years.

If you saw my crude drawing of angels circling a toilet bowl and primitive typography, you would immediately think “this guy has a real future… in accounting.”

Despite my limited skills, I stumbled into the graphic design and advertising industries — a long story for another time.

Who would have guessed somebody could carve out a career based on dad jokes and some computer skills?

Thanks to the magic of digital art and online, on demand printing, could I start a new career in specialty gifts?

What I can say is that I made more selling one t-shirt than I did on this site for the last two months… after eight years and almost 600 published articles.

I’ve been making fun of the former pussy-grabber-in-chief for a long time.

First, I had “Little Hands” take over season seven of Game of Thrones.

Author illustration using photo from Game of Thrones, news photo of Trump, and an iPhone.

After that, I fantasized about how much better the world would be if Herr Drumpf converted to Buddhism and renounced all his worldly attachments.



Lon Shapiro

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