Jon: “It doesn’t feel right.”

  • You wouldn’t know that Bran had turned into an idiotic character with the power of omniscience, yet the inability to explain an ability that could be summarized in two or three sentences.
  • You wouldn’t know that the smartest, most devious people in the GRRM universe would become complete morons and that their Queen would become so stupid she would follow their advice.
  • You wouldn’t know that the Iron Fleet was equipped with teleportation devices.
  • You wouldn’t know that Bronn was an Olympic swimming champion with gills instead of lungs, able to transport an unconscious man wearing heavy armor at least a half a mile away from hordes of murderous Dothraki horsemen.
  • You wouldn’t know that six years of questions about the Others would be left unanswered.
  • You wouldn’t know that medieval weapons could shoot with the accuracy and power of a laser beam.
  • You wouldn’t know that a character whose eight year journey of personal redemption would inexplicably change course for no reason.
  • And you wouldn’t know why Daenerys turned into a genocidal maniac because some bells rang.

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