Just asking the question already puts you in the right direction.

There are a lot of people who post articles on writing. Too many.

They fall into three categories:

  1. Content marketers and social media geniuses whose only work is selling their stuff (books on writing or how to get more followers; writing classes; and personal coaching)
  2. Real writers who describe their process or real coaches whose articles help other writers learn the craft of writing (I was going to use the word “actually” in this sentence, then remembered the advice of Linda Caroll, a real coach, who wrote about 26 weak words that water down your writing.)
  3. People who mock group 1, see the absurdity of the game called Medium, and try to encourage people to join group 2 instead of group 1.

We all want readers and to make money, but only a tiny percentage ever reach the top. Don’t let the temptation pull you over to the dark side.

Just write your own truth.

In the meantime, try to read a lot of different writers, not just the content marketers promising you who to make money with your blogging.

I looked at the articles you clapped for (yep, it’s there on your profile), and you are like the typical newbie — full of hope and grateful for all the free advice (at least it’s free if you don’t sign up for their newsletters, seminars, and coaching).

Now compare that to the articles you responded to.

You already made a statement about how little those pieces did for you.

If you want to read good stuff about the craft of writing, check out: Linda, Dawn and this publication.

If you want to know about how the game of Medium works, I’ve done a ton of research (and soul searching) over the last few months.

Most of my articles on writing, Medium, and creativity are here:

Some of my other rant-based stuff is here:

If you want to find your voice on Medium, read great writers on Medium. Here are some of the funniest articles I’ve read over the last year:

From a newer writer

To a master of comedy

To a published author and NY Times writer

These people are talented, hilarious writers, even though they don’t have 50,000 followers. You’ll learn more from them than the snake oil salesmen and shysters that seem to dominate this website.

Good luck!

Written by

Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at https://guttmanshapiro.com. Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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