Kim, I don’t know why, but almost every dog in our family has been given multiple nicknames throughout their lives, especially if we get them when they are puppies. It’s like they have baby names that continue to evolve as they grow.

Many years ago, we got a beautiful long haired german shepherd puppy. She had the cutest little tuft of reddish fur on the top of her head that stood out in contrast from the dark brown and black on the rest of her head and body.

Since our kids were little and loved watching the X-Men cartoon show, we named her “Rogue.” She looked a little like a bear, which led to a ridiculously long string of names throughout her life: bear, boo bear, boo boo, bubba, kitty, kitty-cat, cooda-dog (because she was a cat-dog and that didn’t sound cool), and just cooda. I loved calling for my kitty because it would freak people out to see this enormous intimidating dog arrive. But she was the most gentle dog ever.

I could write an entire article on the etymology of our family pet names. They tend to be extensions of our twisted senses of humor.

Is this just us, a special dog lover thing, or do cat owners do this, as well?

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