Kirstie, you bring up another interesting idea, but I’m not sure how the story gets written from this perspective. I did write a second version of the story from the blind men’s perspective because one male commenter was saying I wasn’t fair to the blind men. How would you write the story from a woman’s point of view?

The reason I wrote this modern fable was to try to explain to men, from a male perspective, how sexism works.

It was based on my own experience where Kel Campbell helped me see one of my own blind spots, even though I thought of myself as an advocate of equality. If the wise man were a woman, she would have already understood the elephant’s trials and tribulations in a male dominated world perfectly, and the story ends right there.

Having the wise man get corrected by the elephant, his vision is expanded and he expresses the desire to get to know the elephant better, which is symbolic of trying to develop healthier, more respectful relationships.

Having the drunks leave the tavern to harass the elephant and scare her off was symbolic of Kel being run off of Medium due to bullying. A lot of us were upset by that incident, and this was my particular way to process and express my thoughts and emotions.

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