Let’s discuss Obama’s increase in wealth. Obama’s tax returns are public knowledge.

The Washington Post reported this about his 2009 tax return:

The first couple reported an adjusted gross income of $5.5 million, almost all of it from royalties associated with the president’s two bestsellers: “Dreams from My Father” and “The Audacity of Hope.”

His grandmother left him stock valued at almost $500,000 when she died in November 2008.

Not included on the tax return was the $1.4 million award Obama received as the winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Obama had previously announced that he was directing the entire cash award to a variety of charities.

Officials noted that a special IRS regulation allows the recipient of a Nobel to donate the award to charity without having to record it as income on a federal tax return.

Just do the math. You get 400K salary, plus $50K expenses, plus $100K travel and $19K entertainment. But you live in a big house with servants and cooks for free, and all your food and utilities are paid for. After 40% taxes, that’s at least $3 million in income that gets invested in treasury bills or bond funds controlled by the blind trust he set up.

Considering this considerable expesnse-free income, book royalties and interest on his investments, how could he not increase his net worth by 400% over the last seven years?

But the more important question is, how does this constitute improper use of his office for personal profit?

I’m really trying to understand your anger at Obama and all the hypocrisy you seem to see in liberals who are concerned about possible conflicts of interest. As an example, the Argentine newspaper La Nacion reported:

“when President Mauricio Macri called Trump to congratulate him on winning the election, Trump used the opportunity to urge him to clear the way for a stalled office building development.”

My point is not to argue about denying Trump the presidency, forcing him to sell off his assets, impeachment or anything else. I just want to see if we are capable of having a fact-based discussion about how presidents could use their power for personal enrichment, and what constitutes conflict of interest.


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