Like I said, Kobe was a 10 x All-Defense guy. Those last couple of years, after the last Lakers title, he hardly played defense. But Harden has never been a good perimeter defender. BTW, for the same reason I give Curry a big edge over Harden (playoff performances), I still lean toward West as the #2 SG of all time. Plus, his 2.6 steals at age 35 (the first year they tracked steals in the NBA) might mean he was an even better defender than Kobe.

Anyway, we are arguing two different things. You want to make the point that there is some future path where Harden could pass Curry or even Kobe.

I’m making the point that Curry should have been the #1 pick in the draft, as he is currently the better player. If Harden is able to win a title or two and pass Curry at some point in the future, then he would be deserving of the #1 pick.

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