Like me, you are one of the unwashed masses, but you still have plenty of choices. You could be doing or seeing something in the streets outside the Colosseum. You could be a vendor selling snackii delectamentum in the stands. You could be selling tickets to the games. Or you could have bought or stolen tickets to see the games and gotten into all kinds of other trouble, like DCI Wooderson, Jennifer Smith and others.

Normally, you would not be on the floor of the arena, unless you stumbled in with a lion, like the unfortunate Thomas R. Barton, JD (chapter 3), or snuck into the VIP seats, looking for snacks, like Lisa Robbie, our Yelp reviewer. Know that trespassing on the sacred space of the rich and powerful usually has disastrous consequences.

Here are some ideas that no one has wanted to write about: you are one of the Emperor’s henchmen, taking delight in torturing various writers; you are working stadium security, preventing terrorists from committing acts of unsanctioned violence on the arena floor; you are a prisoner inside the dungeon (Medium’s content lab) and learning how to write more popular articles in a 24-hour non-stop seminar given by the Emperor’s favorite consultant.

Enjoy the possibilities.

Remember, you are free to contribute in anyway you like. It can be a sentence, a paragraph or a 200-word post. After the latest article “Will Write For Donuts”, it could even be a picture of you or someone else holding the sign with the hashtag “#WillWriteForDonuts.” It’s all it fun.


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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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