Linda, overall, your article is full of great advice to new writers.

But I wish the thousands of people who read your post would learn from these differing experiences and perspectives provided by top writers on the importance of little green hearts and why people write.

Here is a wonderful story by a Hilal Isler, a great writer who ponders the meaning of little green hearts:

Here’s the response by Tom Mitchell, a very funny writer who says “Because I don’t see the point of writing unless it’s read, I wondering if logic dictates that I should quit writing.”

And here are my quasi-pseudo-Buddhist reflections on Tom’s response and the answer to the question “to write or not to write.” (Not to mention the most amazing unintentional political prediction in history…)

Saving the best for last, here’s a compilation of hilarious articles by the comic crown princes of Medium, Henry Wismayer and Morgan Rock Loehr, who rail against Medium’s algorithms which reward click bait articles, listicles and self-help drivel, while thousands of meaningful, moving, thought-provoking, inspiring, instructive or hilarious articles languish in obscurity:

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