Maybe I shouldn’t have used the term social circle.

There’s a group of people who hike, walk their dogs and drink wine that has developed over the years, and have monthly parties to celebrate birthdays. There are about 20–25 people, of which three are certified members of the Fox News zombie lies crowd, another five seem more reasonable on the surface but only because they don’t repeat every zombie lie, one moderate, one pot head who I have never heard discussing politics, and me. Most of the wives don’t talk about politics, so it’s hard to gauge them, but they probably don’t want the aggravation at home if they disagree with their old school husbands. (By the way, everyone in that group is in their 60s and 70s. I’m the baby at 61.)

My wife has become close friends with four of the wives, so that’s why I smile and try to avoid talking about facts.

Fortunately, there aren’t more than one or two events per month.

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