Medium Highlights of the week

A few new can’t miss stories and some oldies but goodies

In my quest to find quotes for the collaborative book “The Tao of Blogging,” I found a ton of great writing in the last week.

Tales of Grace

My new favorite writer is Thom Garrett. All of his stories are powerful, heart-felt expressions of a love for the soul mate all you millennials are dying to find through dating apps (good luck with that, but I have the sneaking suspicion he didn’t find her through Tinder). Here are my personal favorites:

Hilarious stories you might have missed

Some people can write funny things because of their imagination. Sherry Caris writes incredibly funny stories because of her memory. This is the rare person whose real stories would be rejected by TV writers for being too implausible. I used to call her the Emily Litella of Medium, because of stories where she misunderstood a situation, figured out her mistake and then said “Never mind.” For you younger readers, Gilda Radner made this character famous in the original incarnation of SNL. But Sherry’s comic misadventures have a range that transcends one character, so that’s why I now crown her the Lucille Ball of Medium.

Wild Women of Medium

I know there are tons of you wild women out there, but my reading this week included two favorite writers and discovering a completely different side to them. Check that. A completely different facet, because they are like gems. You think you understand these sparkly objets d’art, but you have no idea how differently each facet of the stone reflects light and gives off a completely different vibe.


In my search for quotes, I expanded my search and found a bunch of new writers who are making the courageous leap into publishing their work for the world to see. Please support their efforts at:

Heavyweights of Humor

They don’t have the following of mind numbing life-hackers and content marketers, but I laughed until my face was numb, so these stories get my vote for the funniest stuff I read this week:

Parting thought

As I have stated in my open letter to open letters by self-help, life-hack and tech-bro haters, there is a ton of great writing on Medium which is getting ignored by the attention paid to the content marketers and the ranters.

Here’s a thought: spend more time exploring Medium.

Step 1: do a search for a topic you like. Seriously, people, if you can Google “best fire retardants to use when extracting flaming gerbils* from your ass,” I think you can type into the space next to the magnifying glass icon and find a topic.

  • **I actually wrote at the end of my open letter to open letters that I no longer need to write on Medium, or write period. This is obviously not true, since I’m writing this now. However, we are getting to the end of “The Tao of Blogging,” so I will divert more attention to marketing and selling the book as the proceeds will go to literacy non-profits. Anyone out there in PR, or publishing, I would love to get some help or advice from you. Thanks.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.