Spice Up Your Love Life with this Revolutionary Smart Phone App

Don’t be a dick — be a Dick with Class™

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Have too many women complained about your insensitivity and sexism because you send out dick pics?

Are you tired of hearing “don’t touch-a da mango?”

Then it’s time to take your game to a whole new level!

Take the time to write a beautiful letter or learn to recite a Shakespearean sonnet to your true love. You may not understand what it means, but the woman of your dreams will appreciate the effort.

But if you just can’t wait to text her, win over the love of your life (or the next two minutes) here’s the next best thing…

Download “Dicks With Class™” the amazing new smart phone relationship app!

Send her one of these symbolic and inspirational photos of famous “Dicks”, instead of using your own (hopefully less famous) image.

Women will melt over messages specifically categorized for her mood and level of desire.

“I will make you my queen”

Game of Throne’s Richard (Dick) Madden

“Bewitched by your love”

Samantha’s first husband, Dick York
Sam’s second husband Dick Sargent

“Te quiero, mamacita”

Pop singer Ricky (Dick) Martin

“We are bound by unseen forces”

Close encounters of a Richard (Dick) Dreyfuss kind

“I want to rock with you”

Dick Dale, godfather of surf music
80s heart throb Rick (Dick) Springfield

“I love to cuddle”

“8 is Enough’s” actor Dick Van Patten
Actor Dick Van Dyke

“I’ll make you laugh when we get down and dirty”

Legendary comedian Richard (Dick) Pryor

“I’m a generous lover and always ready to share”

NBA point guard Ricky (Dick) Rubio

“I will encourage you and bring out the best in you”

Super Bowl winning Coach Dick Vermeil

“I’m so excited to be with you!”

Sports Announcer Dick “Oh My!” Enberg
College (baby) Hoops (baby) Color (baby) Man (baby) Dick (baby) Vitale

“Take me for a spin, baby!”

DJ legend Dick Clark

“Darling, you shall be my Cleopatra”

Hollywood Leading Man and Shakespearean Actor Richard (Dick) Burton

“I’m ready to do business”

Mover and shaker Richard (Dick) Branson

“Honey, let’s get down and sweaty!”

Exercise motivator Richard (Dickie Jukebox) Simmons

“I know I’m a dick, but I’ll make you laugh”

Comedian Ricky (Dick) Gervais

User warning: avoid these options at all costs

Real men don’t order eggplant, so don’t push that shit on your date.

Never send a Dick pick that is aggressive, penetrating…

“You goin’ down and you’re gonna like it”

Hall of Fame Chicago Bears Linebacker #51 — Dick Butkus
All Pro cornerback and trash talker Richard (Dick) Sherman

Or dark and twisted…

“I am not a criminal”

ex-President Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon

And for goodness sake, don’t send something obscene and pornographic…

“Come with me to the dark side”

Business opportunist and war criminal, little Dick Cheney

Why send a card when you can send a Dick with Class™?

Get the Starter Pack for FREE! Expansion packs and updates are available for only $1.99.

Available on the App Store™ and Google Play™.

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Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at https://guttmanshapiro.com. Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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