Michelle, I hope you can help me out here with some extra formatting. There are so many different levels of intention in this piece, I want to get it right.

  1. Your narrative writing (scene and action descriptions)
  2. Your dialogue written for each writer
  3. Actual writer quotes (coming from posts they wrote)
  4. Writer posts (you want to link to their post)

The first two are obvious and will be treated in the same way I treated your other posts

For the third form — using someone else’s real writing — please put that phrase in the form below (use the quote symbol on the far right of the formatting bubble that appears when you select text:)

“As the clouds swirl over the coloseum below, high up in the publications and editors suite; a group of writers queue up at the door.”

For the fourth form — linking to someone’s article — please put it in this form:

A disco ball starts turning, and the beegees start crooning “You should be dancing

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