More like a universal male fantasy that is made into movies because it’s a way to broaden the audiences for RomComs.

As always, this is another great article, but I think you should have gone deeper.

I wanted to hear more about your perspective on the double standard. (Is it really a double standard, or are men and women so unequal that the only chance 95% of men have at finding a mate is to remain completely ignorant of the fact that “she’s out of my league”?)

You didn’t mention Ryan Gosling’s transformation in Crazy Stupid Love. As beautiful as Emma Stone is, she gets the typical Hollywood treatment (bad hair and glasses while more voluptuous women are all over Gosling). So, we are led to believe that there is a chasm between the two leads. Once you suspend your disbelief that Stone is just a plain Jane, Gosling must change in some way in order to give up his idyllic lifestyle.

You wrote a great explanation of how guys are confounding (every woman should read this, including your 78 friends who refused to believe you). But you didn’t write how woman are confusing. If you did, maybe you’d get some feedback from women readers that would help solve a few of the mysteries.

Your mention of Ross Geller reminded me of the worst male archetypes ever put on display in a popular (and mind numbingly predictable) sit com: whiny, dopey and tearful. The women were horrible, too, but that’s a whole other story.

Finally, you didn’t really take a shot with the woman at the bank. You can’t stay professional and expect anything but professional in response on a business email account. (If you want a baloney sandwich, you have to go to the deli counter and order, not fax over a news clipping.) Find your inner cluelessness, grasshopper, and act as if.

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