My friend, as a former member of the unwashed masses you might have felt the same way, but you are now residing on the other side of the (pay) WALL.

And President EV GOT MEXICO (well, at least, the Mexican subscribers) TO PAY (along with subscribers from every other country) FOR IT.

Now, I don’t even have the choice to ignore you writing, nor that of so many other ignored writers I once considered as untouchables — not in the Eliot Ness, integrity sense, but in the Indian caste sense. You have left me far behind and below as you are one of the envied Sudras, polishing the virtual wall for your paying masters.

I must stand alone in my anonymity, friendless, but proud, a broken and unlit beacon to artistic integrity.

But the day Gutbloom goes to the other side, calling out “dreck for shekels” I may leave the kingdom of Medium forever and go to that unnamed place where I am treated as a king (or at least a crown prince) by the vast numbers of people full of queries, thirsting for my tennis wisdom…

Until, of course, Medium makes me a writer partner, too.

Written by

Ad agency creative director, writer & designer at Former pro tennis player and peak performance coach for professional athletes.

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