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NBA Hot Take 2–1–18

Is Ben Simmons still head and shoulders above this year’s rookie class? A Mid-Season Cornucopia of Stats, Videos and Hoops Fun

Chapter 1: How good is Ben Simmons?

Advanced stats show us how teams are transformed by their stars, and how stars are transformed by their teams.

Who looks like the Rookie of the Year, who looks like a future All-Star, and who looks like a future Hall of Fame player?

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Chapter 2: The bête noire of the NBA

Unlike the other rookies, Ball didn’t hit a rookie wall so much as pass through a gauntlet starting in October.

Since the Lebron chat, Lonzo has shot 38.1% from beyond the arc.

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Jayson Tatum trying to get past the rookie wall

Chapter 3: Jayson Tatum and The Wall

Chapter 4: Do rookie stats mean anything?

Here are the stat lines for some of the best NBA rookies during the month of December. Can you read them like tea leaves?

Chapter 5: Breaking Down the Top Rookies

Defensive Ratings

Who makes their defense better?

Traditional Stats

Offensive Ratings

Who makes their offense better?

Traditional Stats

Additional stats:

Offensively, there’s a lot more variation in the dominant players.

Tie Breaker #1: Are you the #1 option on your team?

Tie Breaker #2: Can you put your team on your back and pull off a win in the most pressurized situations?

Final ROY Rankings

What is the real effect a player has on his team?

Final Rankings


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