NBA Hot Take 4–20: Fearless Western Conference Playoff Predictions*

*(Yes, I’m two days late, but some of our best laid plans simply go up in smoke)

I know it’s late, and some of these predictions will look like they’re based on hind sight, but I do have some proof of my ideas in the conversation sections of games that I wrote about throughout the year.

  1. Who has a competent modern coach? (Sorry Brandon)
  2. Who has an unstoppable offensive force?
  3. Who has a player that can slow down the opposition’s superstar?
  4. How did they do against the Lakers this season?

Western Conference

First Round Losers

Portland, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Minnesota

  1. Rondo was the best player on the floor for the Boston Celtics from 2009–2013, (which includes their run to the 2010 NBA Finals) until he tore an ACL. He is a 4-time All-Star and 4-time NBA All-Defensive team member.
  2. Anthony Davis is the best not-a-center in the NBA.

Next up: the Eastern Conference.

I’ll try to catch up, so I can get ahead of the second round match ups.

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