Never use the words “prove me wrong” when you’re writing about gambling.

The Vikings (much to your reverse jink satisfaction), along with the Steelers, Rams, Lions, Bills, Jet and Browns all would have cost you money.

For the Rams, the question now is how much of this game was Seattle resiliency and pride and how much was it a horrific game by the Rams.

The Rams left 13 points on the table (interception at the goal line, field goal from the 1, holding penalty to back them out of field goal position, missed extra point), and allowed one of the worst rushing teams in the NFL to gain 190 yards.

Seattle got two turnovers, Wilson had at least one big scramble that resulted in a touchdown pass and they held Gurley to only 3.5 yards per carry. The Rams were very fortunate to win, needing to convert to fourth down plays in the game.

The Rams’ cornerbacks (including Marcus Peters) were completely lost on four long passes, and they lost two starting receivers due to injury.

If I weren’t so concerned with the Rams terrible defense and injuries, I would have taken a great deal of solace in winning a tough game in a hostile environment with a -2 in turnovers.

Denver is a true Jekyll and Hyde team, as they looked pretty bad on the road and almost beat Kansas City at home.

I think the Rams are going to be sky high to play in Denver to beat Wade Phillips’ old team and gain a measure of revenge against ex-Ram Case Keenum, but they may struggle without those injured starters.

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