News flash: you could say this about almost every good team in the country.

Kentucky-UCLA: if both teams shot their season averages in their game, it’s a two point game. More importantly, if Monk wasn’t so hot in the second half, the Bruin’s zone would have collapsed on Fox and he wouldn’t have scored 33 of his 39 points in the paint and at the free throw line.

Kentucky-UNC: Fox missed four out of five layups, and Kentucky loses by two because a Tarheel reserve hit one big three.

Xavier-Arizona: If Arizona shot their at their season average from three, they would have won by six.

Michigan’s entire end of season run: other worldy 3-point shooting, until they shoot below their season average against Oregon.

Everything you wrote about Oregon was in the from of “no disrespect but…” followed by a series of excuses and backhanded compliments, ending in “if they played ten times… (the team that dominated their opponent in every facet of the game) would win six or seven against the Jayhawks.” Maybe you’re forgetting that Oregon won by 14 against a Kansas team playing a virtual home game. On a neutral court, they might have won by 20.

Anyone who watched Oregon throughout the PAC-12 season could have told you that Dorsey and Bell were great players, and they continued that great play against Rhode Island and Michigan. Did you even watch those games?

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