No, I saw them mentioned twice in the initial list. But I think the games involving the rookie centers (Ayton, Jackson, Bagley, Williams, etc) will all be really interesting.

The guys on the Ringer’s NBA podcast are going to see Phoenix-Sacramento to see which of their favorite draft picks will dominate the game.

Having seen what Jackson did for Memphis, he suddenly looks like the best rookie in the draft, so I want to know if he can sustain it.

And I am dying to see if Robert Williams will even arrive in Vegas — I feel bad for the kid, but I’m hoping he’s a complete bust UNTIL he gets moved by the Celtics ;)

The only other big question is

Will Trae Young ever hits a 3-pointer?

Tatum (.434)

Markkanen (.362)

Monk (.342)

Mitchell (.340)

Ntilikinia (.318)

Smith (.313)

Fox (.307)

Lonzo (.305)

Jackson (.263)

Simmons (ZERO)

Fultz (DNP)

Only Tatum shot really well from beyond the arc, but he was being fed open corner 3’s for the entire regular season. Admittedly, in the playoffs he showed the ability to create his own shot and hit some contested 3’s in the clutch, so he’s already a true star. As a matter of fact, I think he’s the best player on the Celtics already. Irving is a defensive liability, and Hayward just doesn’t have the same athleticism, even though he is a more polished player at this point.

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