Of course not!

In the crap fest that has been the Lakers season, Ingram and Kuzma are the only bright spots. I only mentioned Kuzma because of our ongoing discussions over their relative values.

As to your idea about Miami, it was interesting until I saw the length of their contracts compared to Wiggins. About the only thing worse than four more years of that contract would be if the Lakers had kept Mr. “Summer League Ice in My Veins” and now be paying him a max contract this summer.

Side note: someone commented that Rob Pelinka is despised around the league because of his dealings with teams as an agent. I wonder how many agents have become GMs in the league, and whether this is just one more part of the Lakers’ dysfunctionality.

Also, the old story about the broken clock being right two times a day may now be a possible explanation for Magic’s early success. In hindsight, how much better would the Lakers be if they simply kept Clarkson and Nance? The draft pick has been useless so far, and the $11M saved still went to stiffs like Rondo, KCP, Lance and Beasley. Mistreating Randle and then letting him go for nothing was madness. Waiving Bryant and dumping Zubac was criminal negligence. And, as much as I hate to say this, because I still have hopes for him, the short term reality is that Tatum and Fox have been far more productive for their teams than Lonzo. And letting Lou Williams’ proven 4th quarter scoring turned out to be the reason the Clippers are in the playoffs and the Lakers are not.

The only deal that really made sense was letting Russell go and ending up with Kuzma.

Here’s the “do no harm” version of the Lakers:

Starters: Randle, Kuzma, Ingram, Fox, Bryant

6th Man of the Year: Williams

Bench: Nance, Zubac, Clarkson, David Nwaba

How is this team not better than the current lineup?

I just got even more depressed about the Lakers.

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